Wednesday, November 10, 2004


Had to break out the winter coat and the tights today. I held out for quite a while, though. The heat went on this morning, too, sadly.

Got an eye exam and picked out new glasses - I got dark blue frames that are a cross between 'sexy librarian' and 'cat lady.' They look much nicer than the ones I've been using (NASA Engineer ca. the Apollo missions)out of desperation.

Last night's appointment with Shelley had me feeling pretty unhappy. Two months after my knee injury, I twist my ankle. That's braced now, and walking is pretty painful. In that fall, I managed to wrench my left shoulder and hurt the arm, as well. I'm back up to weekly to twice weekly chiropractic again.

On a good note, however, I did spend a pleasant couple hours eating vegetarian chili and discussing nutrition/winter recipes. Let's see - essentially, it was tomato paste or canned tomatoes, peppers, onion, chili powder, kidney beans left in a crock pot to simmer for several hours. Very easy. Very large quantities. Very comforting.

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