Thursday, November 04, 2004

"It's Our Choice."

You want comity? You want progress? Enough with the catastrophe rhetoric, then. Enough with the nonsense. Enough with the gasbag fantasies. Reading the Klemperer diaries make me realize again what real true perfidy looks like, and how those who view a Bush victory as “four more years of evil” are parading their petulant variety of moral idiocy for the approval of the claque. They’re the modern Rumpelstiltskins, ripping themselves in half in anger to protest the price of pants.

It’s a great & rare idea: one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all. I think we can hammer out the particulars in a spirit of good will, eh? Or not. Our choice.

Read the whole thing; it's moving, it's touching.
Also, take a look at his new book, Interior Desecrations.
Just like Regrettable Food, it's make-you-almost-pee-your-pants funny.

Another Perspective: (and one I'm far more exposed to here.)

"Ach," says Oliver James, the clinical psychologist. "I was too depressed to even speak this morning. I thought of my late mother, who read Mein Kampf when it came out in the 1930s and thought, 'Why doesn't anyone see where this is leading?'"

-from a Guardian posting of Liberal British feelings towards the election.

via that "small corner of liberal Britain that is the Kamm unflappable and cheery as ever."

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