Wednesday, November 03, 2004

"The Poor Voter on Election Day."

To-day, of all the weary year,
A king of men am I.
To-day, alike are great and small,
The nameless and the known;
My palace is the people's hall,
The ballot-box my throne!
The rich is level with the poor,
The weak is strong to-day;
And sleekest broadcloth counts no more
Than homespun frock of gray.
To-day let pomp and vain pretence
My stubborn right abide;
I set a plain man's common sense
Against the pedant's pride.
The wide world has not wealth to buy
The power in my right hand!

-John Greenleaf Whittier

(via Andrew Sullivan.)



At the Earle Brown Elementary School in Brooklyn Center, one woman got to skip to the front of along line because she was in labor, election judge Nancy Carlson said.

``Two minutes labor and she's still in line to vote,'' Carlson said.

Once the woman cast her ballot, she was put into a wheelchair and carted away, Carlson said.

(again, via Andrew.)

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