Monday, November 01, 2004

I was going work over some of my favorite anti-Bush lines (the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq being all about oil and started for Cheney and Halliburton...Bush family having ties with Hitler and as being war profiteers...Bush being a moron...his having gone AWOL from the ANG back in the early 70s, his keeping secret an impending reinstatement of the draft...his administration having squandered the good will of the cuts for the rich at the expense of Pell Grants/bullet proof vests for the troops/name a pet cause...), but I decided that, ultimately that all really didn't matter. I mean - you want something to be true? You'll believe in it with all your heart, like God, like Santa Claus, like the practicality of the Kyoto Protocol. Instead, I thought I'd leave you all with the words of some of the people whose opinions I greatly respect:

Virginia Postrel, who isn't looking for a boyfriend.

Oliver Kamm, who brings up a couple other good arguments, as well.

Charles Johnson, who underwent a change of heart after 09/11/01.

Bill Whittle, a "former liberal whose worldview has been hit by heat-seeking reality..."

Roger L. Simon, one of Bush's "new friends" in the blogosphere

Lileks, who just wants us to get out and vote, gosh darnit.


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