Monday, November 01, 2004

The jack o' lantern is in the fridge, having been rendered into pulp which will soon find itself spiced, sweetened and jarred for this year's holiday pies.

The house smells a bit smoky from the scorched squash skin.

My eyes are getting heavy. I'm not ready to sleep just yet, but soon I'll be tired enough. Tomorrow I need to get up early in order to get my civic duty in before work.

Let's see: California polls close at 11:00 pm our time. Hawaii, three hours after. I don't like thinking of protracted recounts under the eyes of 'armies of lawyers.' I want it to be quick, clean and decisive. Please make it be so.

Brush teeth, knit a bit (a sweater of earthy blue Homespun yarn, all lustrous and with undulating cables), lay down. Think good thoughts on tomorrow. Whatever happens, we'll survive. We just have to live through it first, and that's the hardest sometimes.

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