Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Posting's been kind of sporadic, as I'm tired from the leg healing, some sort of allergy, the lack of light, the impending holidays. I've never been good with holidays. At work, too, there are some 'turf wars' going on - my department being the turf. I can handle either the in work or the out of work alright - both together is a bit of a challenge.

It also hit me that I'm not nearly as far as I'd like to be knitwise. I've two halfway finished sweaters (green turtleneck, blue homespun cable knit), one completely finished one (spice colored stripes), and one more that I need to get started by Thanksgiving - an aran. This one is going to be very interesting in that I'm using a sweater that I was given as a gift last year as the pattern. With a few modifications, it'll be perfect for the person I'm intending it for.
There are a few hats, scarves, things like that, too, that I need to get a move on. Small projects to go between the bigger ones.

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