Monday, November 01, 2004

Polar Opposites or Bipolar Complementaries?

The softer, nurturing, more sensitive face of Judenhass


The Macho, Out-in-the-Open, Forceful face.

(both via LGF)

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Carencro said...

this softer harder macho side of news media reporting shows either intentional or unintentional or simply use of issues for making money, and keeping segment of population on side of media producers or calculated paranoia, designed by paranoiac engineers for purpose known only to them selves, they exhibit a schizophrenic division of reality and understanding of reality and assume or design reponse to it in shizoid modus operandi fitting their purposes on the one hand, the show Cabaret exhibits the Media responsse to Nazism, Thats Gypsy's Song Thats Intertainment, inside, and on the Other hand Ann Frank's Situation was Real it was sad and so Feel Bad With Us, we Feel for You and Bill Clinton is the Same He Feels for you so Vote for him the Democratic Leadership says, well Thanks but No Thanks, Yasser Arrafat is their POster CHilluens and they cjhill out whith HIm , so Nazis get Respect while Rodney Dangerrfield got nun till He crapped out.