Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Ann Althouse notes that it's safe to go back into bookstores again, now that the election's over.

I do have to admit - I've been buying more stuff via library sales and Amazon, as I was kind of tired of going into my favorite place due to the piles of Anti Authority stuff out. I'm an easy to please girl - just give me a cup of coffee, my knitting journals and a copy of Foreign Affairs, and I'm generally pretty happy to let the academic (anti)industrial complex's biases flow by me. Heck, it's a free country. Eventually, though, the agitprop product placement got to me, and I just started spending my money elsewhere.

The overstocking of this stuff, however, might work out to my advantage. If I can find dollar copies of The Great Unravelling or Lying Liars and the Liars Who Love Them, etc - I'm all set for part of my Christmas list.

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