Friday, November 05, 2004

These numbers don't run or read at a 10th grade level

This chart has been making the rounds again as a sort of salve to the wounded egos of the losing party. (I've received several copies of it, now).

What I find interesting (aside from the notion that the IQ test hoax one was 'fake but uncannily accurate' - hmm, where did we hear that one before?) is the assumption that education attainment is indicitive of intelligence. After all, these don't look like knuckle dragging "red-staters," now, do they?


Pablo brought up an interesting point (first made by John Derbyshire when this 'data' originally came out): "Isn't it funny how embracing of intelligence testing 'liberals' are when it's to their advantage?


Should this make some of the 'happy few' feel even more isolated, or more thankful for the electoral college system that they were calling for the abolition of in 2000?

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