Tuesday, November 02, 2004

New Links

It's my goal in life to be both 'smart and pretty' and I look to Virginia Postrel as a role model. She hooked me when I first caught CSPAN coverage of her talking about her latest book a couple years ago. The Substance of Style affected me much like Guns, Germs and Steel did - blew open a window in my mind and caused a great change in my perception of things. Read it, please! Also, please visit her site.

I found Dana at Note-It-Posts while spelunking around the Carnival of the Recipes.
She's an intelligent person with a multitude of insights, interests. Oh, and quite a full life, too. The content of her site is pretty diverse, and I'm drawn to it because, well, it reminds me of mine. Please go take a look.

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Dana said...

Awww, thanks!! :)