Saturday, November 06, 2004

A Weekend Reading List (and a music lesson):

Daniel Henniger's article on how Blue lost to Red in the 60s.

I'd seen a lot of commentary over the past few months about this election being "1968 all over again." I'm wondering if this was a way for many to rekindle their salad days or was perhaps even due to flashbacks from all the drugs taken back then?

This article goes well with this one as an explanation as to why celebrity endorsement + peddling falsehood/hyperbole + insulting the intelligence of those whose vote you're trying to court < > winning over that constituency.

I'd say that anything by VDH is worth reading. For now, though, why not get started with American Exeptionalism and, from his 'private papers,' Bruce Thornton's interpretation of election returns.

Thank heavens Mark Steyn's not going to quit writing! He's upset, though, that Bush didn't win by a wider margin. I wonder if he isn't taking into account the 15% of the vote Evan Thomas of Newsweek mentioned that the media were going to try to deliver to Kerry. Factor that out, as the media did do their darndest between Rathergate, Al Qa-Qaa, (funny how we're not hearing so much about that one anymore, now that the election's over), the incessant, almost fetishist coverage of Abu Ghraib (among other things)...and Bush would have been elected by a landslide.

Ann Althouse on the media spin of the election results. Her conclusion - "can we please get a grip?"

Finally: if all this political stuff's got your head spinning, why not try singing a song? (also, why not stop by and say hello to Dana - think good thoughts for her and her mom, too. They could use them.)

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