Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Looks like nine people for Thanksgiving this year.

Tentative Menu:

Roasted Garlic and Pumpkin Bisque (without the dumplings)
Turkey with Cornbread stuffing
Mashed Potatoes (I may make half plain/half garlic, as I like the garlic version, but will be dining with some purists.)
Sweet Potatoes (mashed or baked - haven't decided yet)
Dilled Carrots
Green Bean Casserole
Baked Blue Hubbard Squash
Yeast Rolls

Cranberry Sauce
Pumpkin and Mincemeat Pie
Relish Tray/Crudites

I think I'll bake some fruit/squash breads along with the cornbread to have on hand for snacks/breakfast. Maybe some of that nice oatmeal molasses bread that I made last week, as well. We'll see what I'm up for. The house is a mess and I need to get that straightened up.

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