Monday, November 22, 2004

Two great films this weekend:

knowing what a fan of Gene Kelly I am, Hal's been picking up whatever he sees at the library starring him. Last week, we caught "An American in Paris," which neither of us really cared for. This week's choice,Anchors Aweigh, was a delight, however. Of couse, Gene was a dream. What surprised me, however, was Frank Sinatra's performance. Though I know he's 'old blue eyes,' and I'm familiar with his crooning, I've only seen him in his more serious roles. To see him so young, keeping up with Gene Kelly in that wonderful dance number in the USO dormitory was a treat. I'm angling now for Take Me Out to the Ballgame and On the Town.

We also watched It Happened One Night. Again, another delight! A couple things amazed me on this one - first, that it was shot in just about a month on minimal sets, with only two costume changes for Colbert. Secondly, that she really disliked this vehicle that netted her an Oscar for best actress. She really did put on a good show - there was wonderful chemistry between her and Gable.

I've decided that, as a result of this last film, it would be a good idea to resurrect 1930s slang. If anyone can help me with the origins of the term "gashouse palooka," I'd more than glad to use it regularly, believe you me.

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