Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Three dreams:

1.) A commercial for a bio-diesel roadster: very impressionist in an Arnold sort of way with lots of slightly out of focus greens and blues flowing into each other around a racing car (which looked a lot like Trintignant's racer in Un Homme et une Femme). Interspersed with these images were ones of Yoko Ono (??) in a white racing outfit holding a helmet, looking quite beautiful, actually. She had makeup on and her hair, though still crazy, was nicely groomed. Slightly awestruck at how radiant she looked, I thought how nice a bio-diesel roadster might be.

2.) Was out walking in the woods with Hal. We found an abandoned stone house and decided to look inside. I heard a little *chip-chip-chip* ing noise down low and in a corner: turned out to be a saw-whet owl in a burrow. We looked around a bit and found several owls in burrows all over the building. I remember the laughter bubbling up in me at the delight of finding all these itty-bitty birds of prey everywhere. Hal thought it funny, too, though he wasn't giggling like I was.

3.) Ampersand had a temper tantrum and peed on the floor. She then sat in it and I was forced to give her a bath as a result. I put her in the kitchen sink, filled it up with bubbles. Surprisingly, she didn't struggle. Don't know if she liked it, but she certainly didn't seem to mind. Figured I'd test my luck and give her a shampoo: again, not a problem. Rinsed her off, towelled her as dry as best I could, then let her go. I was relieved to see that I could clean her up if she decided to do something dumb like soil herself again.


Guess I had a busy night, didn't I.

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