Thursday, February 16, 2006

I'll always love the Peabody Essex Museum. I have no idea what this line in their latest WCRB commercial is supposed to mean, however: "Peabody Essex: Where Art Meets Culture." Isn't Art an aspect of Culture? What am I missing?


Nick said...

What are you missing? It sounds like you're missing air between your ears, which is apparently required to understand their slogan. ;)

Yogo said...

I'm guessing that they call anything "ethnic," culture. Art is art, but the genius is when Art meets Culture. Probably helpful to those new to the art scene. The ones who need cosmos and tapas.

That outdoor scene is lovely.

Be said...

Well, WCRB is the big Commercial Classical outlet here. Peabody Essex just recently underwent a major expansion, too. With that, their admission fees didn't quite double (but came close).

I'm always going to love them - they are probably the New England historical/China and India trade collections in the States. They do a lot for Salem, MA, as well. Just don't like to see them going the route of the MFA.