Monday, February 06, 2006

Le trahison des images.

Was in desperate need of something to stanch the flow from my nose on the trip back to Buffalo last month. That's the only reason why I would pay nearly two dollars for two lousy Dayquil tablets.

It was kind of funny how this particular package was really trying to highlight the value-added aspect of the special enclosed drinking cup:

As, God's Honest Truth, this is what came along with the pills:

These were definitely worth the extra fifty cents or so. In fact, I made a point to buy several packages so that I might have a matching set of drinking cups to go with my new china.

Hal's decided that he wants to work for Mechanical Servants as he'd love a chance to get paid to come up with these sorts of innovations for "people on the go."


Yogo said...

I'd like to see their full line of products for "people on the go." I'm sure it's cutting edge stuff.

Be said...

Just as innovative as the drinking cup? I don't know how much more cutting edge you can get than that (am thinking in terms of paper cuts on the lip).

Yogo said...

Maybe more innovative. Forks? Spoons? The possibilities are endless. Plates? I think they're on to something.

Be said...

Snort...I do have to say that the invention of the spork was revolutionary. I don't know how anyone could beat that.

Yogo said...

The bar is indeed high.