Friday, February 03, 2006

Something tells me that the women suing the Walmarts in Massachusetts to stock the morning after pill would sooner boycott the stores than get their prescriptions filled there. That's not the point, though, is it. Nor is fact that there are probably (and I'm being conservative in my estimates) at least three times as many CVSs (CVS carries this form of contraception) as Walmarts with pharmacies in Massachusetts. The point is that Walmart is evil, isn't it.

Now, I'm not a big Walmart shopper: have walked into one or two, but find them to be rather depressing inside. I don't think that they're the antichrist, it's just personal preference (I like Target better). When people start getting their panties in a bind over them and do crazy "activist" things like bringing up frivolous lawsuits, making up stories, etc, my tendency is to be more sympathetic towards the Walmarts. I also tend to think that those who are pulling the aforementioned shenanigans have way too much time on their hands (not to mention un-worked-through resentments towards their parents), and too little understanding of how the economy outside their boutique and organic food chainstore worlds work.


Blog ho said...

walmart sucks. from the very bottom of the sucking suckhole.

Nick said...

What I find most interesting about the story is that it doesn't say what grounds these people think they have for suing. They gave the reason... but just because you think Walmart ought to sell something doesn't mean you can sue to force them to.

The only law that the article referenced was one that allows pharmacies to stock it if they so choose. I'm not seeing the legal reason here.

Be said...

Right, but that doesn't matter. What counts is that, to quote the one above you, "Walmart Sucks from the bottom of the sucking suckhole." I'm assuming, too, that that means one should do anything in their power to THWART THEM by any means necessary.

Yogo said...

I'm not in favor of all the suing. I think WalMart is depressing and dirty, but I will buy certain items there. I don't use their pharmacy, but if I did and I was made aware that they didn't stock what I needed, I'd go to another pharmacy.

You're right, be. The whole point is that WalMart is evil.

I'm surprised no one has sued Starbucks yet. I know a few people who swear that place is evil. I think they need to find another hobby.

Be said...

Nappy: it perplexes me to no end because, up here, Walmart is the root of all evil, yet Ikea (similar product origins, similar business plan) is God's gift to Massachusetts. I guess it's because one originates in Arkansas and the other originates in Sweden. Dunno.

Inre Starbucks: I remember when everybody just had to have a Starbucks travel mug, because Starbucks was Such the Thing. Amazing how public opinion changes.

Nick said...

Thats because Starbucks used to seem like a small little guy. Then they found out that Dr. Evil had invested so much money as another legitimate front to Virtucon, and quickly opinion of them has changed.

Remember when Google was this brave company that "Did no evil", was filled with really smart people, and was going to take on the evil Microsoft? Look how opinion of them has changed now that their big.

Don't kid yourselves... Size matters... though in this context the smaller the better. ;)