Wednesday, February 01, 2006

My birthday present to me this year turned out to be a lithograph called "Sabbath Angels" by Chaim Gross. Caught a glimpse of it in an antique store and was immediately drawn in.

Though a great fan of his sculpture, I'm not too crazy about some of his painting or print work, as it strikes me as being a bit too...too...baroque, maybe? What pleased me about "Sabbath Angels" was the angularity, the play of light and shadow (are they angels or tree branches?), the colors, too. It really helped to have a watercolor of his on the same subject (called "Shabboth") with almost the same composition beneath the print.

Tourists by Chaim Gross

Mother and Daughter by Chaim Gross. Both of these sculptures used to be in front of the Provincetown Art Association Museum.

Anyhow, conditions were perfect: the mat and frame were suprisingly complementary, the price was right. I was willing to give up my birthday dinner for the angels. The Voice of Reason chimed in, however, and told me to wait until the following afternoon. If my print was still there, it was meant for me.

Glad I listened, as I ended up with both my favorite dinner (Ross Grille's Tuscan Cod with a bottle of Truro Vineyards Chardonnay) and the print.


Yogo said...

Cod and Chardonnay. Bliss.

Hope you had a great birthday.

Richard Lawrence Cohen said...

Happy birthday, Be!

Richard Lawrence Cohen said...

Happy birthday, Be!

Richard Lawrence Cohen said...

Oh well, why not leave two birthday wishes there? Happy birthday again!