Friday, February 24, 2006

Karen came into my office to talk about skating this morning. Went on about the histories of several of the skaters, about how the rules have changed in these games (kind of like a la carte pricing, as opposed to the chiselling off of points that used to be done), about the girl I kept mixing up with Ali G. Guess she's bulimic; no big surprise there.

No Dorothy Hamills or Peggy Flemings in this bunch. Not for a long time, in fact. Heck, I'm at pains to remember the names of any Olympian (particularly skaters) since the girl from the west coast went and had her husband beat the girl from the Cape with a pipe.

I think that Karen still watches because she used to skate. She has mentioned being disappointed, though. Since they don't televise my sport, I don't bother watching and so have no reason to be disappointed.

Tarnished by scandals these past few times around and with a schedule that makes the event much less precious than before, the Olympics have long ago lost their luster. Between the new doping charges, incomprehensible structural changes of certain events and the reputed poor coverage, I wonder if the games aren't moving towards irrelevance.


Pablo said...

Sunday night I was watching the couples' ice dancing with the guys, making the most exacting of critical commentaries about the ladies' constumes and faces. We were rooting for wipe-outs to happen and were not left ungratified -- no fewer than three couples stumbled, and one of them magnificantly so. We cackled with especially malicious glee when that airborne French Canucke (Canucque?) lost her grip on her partner and arced centrifugally away from him. That was the best entertainment of the night -- we think they got rooked by the judges. (It's all a subjective scale, so why not give a point or three for gladiatorial value?)

We also commented on how nearly pornographic so much of it was, and speculated on how often that hot American couple were getting it on in the locker room to psych up for their rousing performance.

So all told, I don't see what's so very bad about the Olympic skating after all.

Be said...

Well, you're into the sex aspect. I'm into the violence. I used to like the biathlon, as it combines two sports that, taken separately, are quite demanding. Unfortunately, it's considered not very telegenic and the Olympic Committee is pretty biased against guns, so, oh well. (Besides, I think the guys are hotter in biathlon than in just about any other sport, save for hockey.)

Nick said...

As far as biathlon not being telegenic (which I'm assuming means it wasn't on TV)... that's not true. I actually watched biathon this year on a Saturday morning I think. However, it was on USA (cable) which is covering some of the Olympics along with NBC. USA has also had curling on a few times which is fun to watch.

Be said...

I don't have cable and am talking strictly network coverage. You saw it on cable and in the morning. That means a lot right there.

nappy40 said...

I think once you watch the games with the intent on making fun of the costumes, it's already zoomed to irrelevance.

Be said...

There was a lot of commentary on the costumes for the skating. Since I honestly hate skating (like I do gymnastics - the original cut weight sports for women), I can't watch. Had heard, though, that the routines had a certain sameness to them no doubt thanks to the new point-scoring system.