Monday, February 06, 2006

Am finally starting to feel a bit better thanks to the drugs I got from the doctor last week. I don't often get prescriptions, so it was kind of exciting to go to the pharmacist, place my order, wait around, then sign off on everything. (Guess you could call it a break in the monotony of my normal routine.)

Anyway, am taking amoxicillin and a cortisone nasal spray. Not major stuff, but kind of interesting in that there were very specific and oft-repeated instructions on how to administer both. I learned from the label, for example, that I was to take the amoxicillin "by mouth." Good to know, as before now, I'd only ever had antibiotic suppositories.

The administration of the Flonase, I gather, must be extremely confusing, as I got this special, pharmacist-affixed sticker on the box:

On a box that says quite clearly, "nasal spray." Who'd a thunk it?


Yogo said...

These labels are always hilarious. Did you have to receive the mandatory counseling from the pharmacist? That's a hoot as well.

Be said...

No! I didn't! What am I being cheated out of? I only have to sign for my prescriptions.

Yogo said...

If you're lucky, your counseling will consist of the pharmacist saying, "this product is for the nose only." He/she will read the label for you.

I just filled a prescription recently and the guy read the label to me and then read to me the doctor's orders. But he got it all wrong.

Be said...


How did he get it wrong?


On a similar note - do you have to sign for sudafed now? They just keep the sudafed behind the pharmacist's counter, but you don't have to sign for it. Nyquil and cough medicine (both of which still contain pseudophedrine) are still out on the shelves.

Yogo said...

He told me that the doc requests that I take two pills twice a day, when the doc clearly told me to take one pill twice a day.

I'll be following the doc's advice on that.

Don't know about the Sudafed. Once they prescribed Allegra and Nasonex for my allergies I don't keep up with the OTC stuff. I should though; I can't take Allegra or Nasonex right now.