Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Did not sleep well at all last night and the SSDD nature of my workplace is making me feel pretty rotten today. I'd love to be outside, wandering around the Mystic. I'd love to be home working on valentines, knitting, napping with the animals and perfecting my impression of Mike Brant's "Summertime." (Brrrr-CHAK! - it's a cross between Tom Jones and James Brown with some machine-gun-fire like scat-singing thrown in; wonderful!)

I'd love to be just about anyplace but here right now.


Nick said...

Translation please... SSDD?

nappy40 said...

That song sounds great! Something else for the mp3 player.

Be said...

SSDD = "Same sh!t, different day."

Be said...

You should have seen the footage of him performing it, Nappy! He had the James Brown footwork down.

They showed another performance of it in Israel, and that one was jazzed up with the addition of some Israeli elements - awesome!

Also not to be missed is his rendition of Neil Diamond's "Holly Holy." Neil Diamond is The Man, but Brant's cover is amazing.