Friday, February 10, 2006

Sorry, but

tapas and cosmos aren't what draw me to a museum. Lower admission prices and well-curated we're talking.

It just seems so sad to have a sanctioned night like this. I know that they want to increase admissions and bring in a younger crowd, but with a date night? So uninspired. So not-spontaneous to be standing around, sipping chardonnay in a reception area decorated no doubt with Renoirs and Monets, making small-talk with a Banana-Republic clad m'as tu vu about how inspired you thought Girl With a Pearl Earring was.

Give me the old Free Wednesday Nights in the East-Asian wing where a girl could get picked up without pretense by a scruffy guy clutching something from Mishima's oeuvre... interrupting her reverie over wood grain patterns in block prints to ask if she was into 'tying the knot.' Those were the days.


Yogo said...


Be said...

Aah, to be young and single in the big city.

Sissy Willis said...

I used to work in PR at the MFA during its Centennial Celebration in my salad days way back when:

Disputed treasure

The bottom line was ever on their minds . . . I'm with you, totally. L'art pour l''art. You sexy broad, you. :)

Be said...

Sissy: a good friend of mine who's an art historian in DC (specialized in architecture) worked in development at the National Gallery. She said that the experience was about the farthest removed from art she's ever dealt with. Currently works for the feds in ADA compliance and absolutely loves it. Go figure.


Inre the MFA: I've heard that that place has always been a horror story. Given that I work in not-for-profit and an at an art agency at that, it doesn't surprise me.