Thursday, February 23, 2006

One of those days.

It's too bad that Chinatown's all gentrified and I'm a girl without a "partner in crime," as, given how today's going, I'd love nothing more than to blow off work and spend the rest of the day in a raunchy old-school downtown strip club like the former Naked I. That place had an awesome neon sign.


nappy40 said...

How can you go on without a partner in crime? I have maintained two throughout the years. One male, one female.

Be said...

Well, I do have one who's a male. All my female ones got married a few years back and have moved to the suburbs to breed. Have a couple friends in town, but the interests/schedules don't mesh as well as they could.

None of them would go to strip clubs or for midnight chinese food, though. Not that I'm really into either of those things, but Chinatown's like the only thing in this city open past one am when I'm feeling the most restless.