Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Each year, we like to end our trip with a visit to Race Point Beach, at about the northernmost part of the National Seashore. There, I like to orient myself in order to send greetings to my friends across the Big Blue. Pictures are taken, weather permitting. This time around, the weather was more than permissive (no wind and about 50 degrees). It seemed more like mid spring than mid winter.

Ranger Station, Race Point Beach

View of the Pilgrim Monument, Provincetown, over the dunes

Of course, little things give away the fact that it's "off season." The lack of crowds, for one. Also, since the sun is at a smaller angle, longer shadows are cast:

(Isn't it great when Nature sets up her own natures mortes?)

Sometimes people like to get into the Environmental Art game and create:

Hal calls this one "Andy Goldsworthy for Lazy People."

My contribution: a little dance I like to call "Limbo for the Lazy and Not-So-Limber."

It's kind of humbling, though, to think that whatever efforts we make (whether to secure immortality or otherwise) are going to be dwarfed by Nature's random and fleeting movements:

Compass Grass

Still Life with Wet Rock

Sandflea's Eye View

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