Monday, February 27, 2006

"Hillary and Karl, sitting in a tree..."

Sorry, but that's all that came to mind when I saw this headline. So childish.

Of course he's going to be interested in her, for crying out loud. He's a political strategist; it's his job. Heck, I'd be more worried if he wasn't 'obsessing' about his party's opponents.


Sissy Willis said...

The woman has always made my toes curl beginning with that "60 Minutes" piece when they got Chelsea to claim she was glad they were her parents . . . Even so, I couldn't help but LOL at this:

"He spends more time thinking about my political future than I do," Clinton said.

Be said...

Have you ever seen "The War Room?" Really changed my perception of politicians and political campaigns.

Whenever I think of her, her husband, her daughter, I think of some excellent manipulators.