Thursday, September 01, 2005

Last night, I lay on my kitchen floor listening to Elizabeth Schwartzkopf's interpretation of Strauss's Four Last Songs. The music had envelopped me, but I was still aware of Katrina's avant-garde whooshing around the house like the angel of death or something.

No major thunderstorms yet, as was predicted for the next few days. In fact, it's clear and sunny out, albeit muggier than anything.

How lucky we are.


Today's the big day for us bloggers to raise funds for the Katrina relief effort. As I mentioned yesterday, I sent what I could to the Salvation Army. Glen Reynolds has a roundup of charitable organisations you could look into, and the Truth Laid Bear has set up a charity aggregator page. Here are the Technorati Tags for flood aid and Hurricane Katrina. Nick has some good advice on intelligent charitable giving; do take a look at it. Wise generosity is important.


To donate to the Salvation Army, click here or click the logo I put in the upper right hand corner of of this page. Thanks.

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