Thursday, September 15, 2005

Nine jars of peach jam, all of which are already spoken for...I should start selling jelly shares like some sell farm shares.

Although someone beat me to the wild grapes this last time around (how maddening to smell that Concord perfume, follow your nose and find that the only fruit left is thirty or forty feet up?), I did get a nice consolation prize of a few quarts of elderberries and a bag of feral pears. A trip to Cold Spring Orchard netted me six quarts of a glorious Concord variant called "Mars," a couple pints of a miniature plum that was sweeter than candy and a butternut squash.

Now that the weather's cooling down some, I can start cooking again. Between all these goodies, the several pints of pincherries and the crabapples, I'll have plenty to keep me off the streets.


jo said...

Okay, I need jam making advice. I can find out about the sugar and if pectin is required etc. What I worry about is the canning itself.
Can I run the ball jars through the dishwasher and then remove them to a towel with tongs, never touching them. Fill them. Then place on the inner seal, gently screw down the ring. Wait for the pop.
Then what? Do I have to boil them as well?

Be said...

Hmm. I don't have a dishwasher, so never had this question come up.

If I understand the Ball site's instructions correctly, it looks as though you can actually preheat jars in a dishwasher.