Thursday, September 08, 2005

Another place to visit if you're not in the mood to pay $40 for a tank of gas in order to make the schlep up to Monadnock:

A couple weeks back, we packed up a lunch and headed off to the Sullivan Square T stop - little did we know that there would be work on the orange line tracks, and that that would entail an awfully wacky combination of detours. (Ended up taking us an hour longer to get to JP than under normal circumstances.)

No matter: it was more than worth the wait to have perhaps my last chance this year to nap under my favorite catalpa.

While I was dozing (Was so wiped out that weekend. Heck, I'm always wiped out nowadays), Hal kept himself out of trouble in his usual manner:

Lots of these guys around in all different colors. This one seemed to really take to the camera, though.

Believe it or not, this was a variety of orange. We found one on the ground, so opened it to take a taste. Not very flavorful, and the pulp was fluffier than the domesticated variety. Interesting, though.

I love how the light catches on the vines' tendrils.

I also love Hal's (snort)Walker Evans mode.

Since I was asleep, I wasn't able to follow him around and identify stuff. These look like hawkweed buds:

I haven't a clue as to where these buds came from, but they sure do look lovely in sepia tone, don't they?


The Arnold Arboretum is probably my favorite place in this godforsaken city. You know you're in an urban environment, but the skyscrapers and the people seem so far away, so harmless here.


Pablo said...

Bev, isn't that a so-called osage orange, which is not really an orange but a relative of mulberry?

If it's what I think it is, it's also called bodark, from bois d'arc, because the Indians favored it for making bows. The big dense fruits are fragrant and some people put them in the house as an air freshener.

Be said...

Pablo: it is an Osage Orange.
Thanks! Is it a mulberry relative? I didn't know that.
Tasted more citrusy than berry like.

It would make a great air freshener, too, by the way.

Nick said...

Ooooo... pretty.

Sissy Willis said...

Gorgeous photos and writing, as always. I couldn't resist (scroll down):

Oh, what mangled webs

That orange looks like Osage Orange, Maclura pomifera, a member not of the citrus family to which the true orange belongs, but of the mulberry family.