Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Lots of these little ones around lately, as it's time for them to be flying south (or going to wherever monarchs migrate). Again, Hal caught this one perched on a cosmo in his mom's garden.


Nick said...

One of their migratory stops is in Santa Barbara (actually Isla Vista) near UCSB. When I lived out there, you could go to this one park area, and the trees would be covered in what looked like dead brown leaves.

Then all of a sudden the tree would errupt and the monarchs would fill the sky, practicing to fly further south, then as quickly as they took off, they'd be back hanging on the tree looking like brown leaves again.

Is quite amazing to watch.

Be said...

There was a tree about a block down from where I went to parochial school in Buffalo that would become a monarch rest area each fall. I remember being led out to it every year as a little kid and every time being in awe of the sight. The "butterfly gardens" so in fashion in museums and zoos nowadays don't come close to this.