Sunday, September 18, 2005

I'll never be as eloquent on the "Crescent of Embrace" subject as Sisu,* as this is her domain. I am, however, going to in my own feeble way, try to pose some analogies based on what I've of this whole brouhaha:

Sometimes an ice cream cone is just an ice cream cone.

Just as an odalisque is just an odalisque (and not necessarily pornography).

And a crescent is just a crescent.

Based on this, I'm trying to remind myself that Zhdanovism died at the end of Stalin's rule and that PC is PC no matter whether you be left or right. Oh, and lest I forget, that the ends don't always justify the means regardless of whether are defending la patrie or fighting for the oppressed.


*or any subject. Heck, it's a good day when I'm even semi-coherent.


Sissy Willis said...

Delightful. :)

Be said...

You're too kind. I've been trying to come up with something to say on this, but haven't been able to. The line from Malkin that you cited - referring to these sorts of monuments needing to show (what was it exactly) rage? Emotion? Made me think of this:

Which I've always thought to be possibly one of the worst monuments I've seen outside of the Forest Hills or Mt Auburn context.