Friday, September 23, 2005

Help! I'm trapped in a Cryogenics Lab and I Can't Get Out!

Recently have had absolutely no luck dressing for the office. Yesterday I dressed for fall. The air conditioning was off and my little cube area felt like the black hole of Calcutta. Today? I dressed for the warmer climes and came into an office where the thermostat was set at fifty degrees. Here I sit, shivering in my short skirt and shawl, drinking down hot tea and broth both like they're going out of style.

At least I don't risk falling asleep at the monitor, anyway. Now to avoid catching cold-.


Nick said...

A bit nipply in the office is it?

I had to pull my fleece pullover out of the drawer in my desk for today. Yesterday it was warm... today not so much so. Apparently fall has begun. Blasted.

Be said...

I've been wearing a shawl all day, like the gosh-darned pani I am aging into becoming. Outdoors it's nice, though the light's taking on that short angle we get when the seasons change.