Thursday, September 29, 2005


Get a load of those winds out there. They've got to be gale force, they're whipping around so much stuff. Sounds like the Angel of effing Death trying to get in or something. Sheesh.


Sissy Willis said...

Strong Gale. Tuck's weather station clocked gusts of 48 mph:

"Light structure damage," according to Beaufort.

The yard was littered with Silver Maple branches, potted plants toppled, and litter was blown up from the street in our neck of the woods. Cats stayed inside for the duration.

Be said...

Oh - so it WAS a strong gale. I was just relying on what the weather channel was showing (don't know where they measure from) and I don't think that they ever clocked it at more than maybe 40 mph.

When I got home, a couple of my pepper plants were toppled and there were small branches all over the place. I left my windows open partway but miraculously had no water to clean up. It was coming down *hard* here.