Friday, September 23, 2005

I fear that this is going to be a big deal in the next election, judging by how much collateral from both sides I've received in the mail the past couple weeks.

I have my opinions on the matter, but don't think that they should have to be aired for a municipal election. Especially when this matter was decided months back by our mayor and aldermen. They were chosen fairly and squarely in the last elections, and regardless of whether or not they were whom I voted for, I respect their authority.

I guess, however, that some people just can't take "no" for an answer. It's too bad that we have to keep rehashing this tired out, pointless, expensive, totally inappropriate issue for municipal government issue because of a group of stubborn, ideologically driven people feel the need to make a political statement a la Harvard in the 80s. Economic divestiture tends, like boycotting, to have minimal punitive effect against who it's being levied against. I can't really see this as doing much beyond hurting the city's retirees who will be depending on their pension returns and wasting taxpayers' money that could have been used elsewhere.

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