Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Aah, memories.

I'll always remember the annoying foreign student in my theory of personality course who could go on quite easily for 10-15 minutes a stretch. Knew what dissociation was in theory but gained an intimate, practical knowhow that semester thanks to her.


Nick said...

I still remember my philosophy class from college. My professor remembered me for one comment I made in the beginning of the year... and for that one comment only.

He came into class one morning (it was an 8 o'clock class which is WAY to early for philosophy) with a bleeding ear... somehow he cut it while shaving.

I simply said... hey GB, when did you take up painting? I didn't think it was *that* funny, but he did, and he brought it up at least once a week after that.

Be said...

Friend of mine in abnormal psych made the unfortunate mistake of raising his hand twice at the beginning of the semester for some rather sensitive topics: the definition of autoerotic asphyxiation and the Catholic/religious usage of the term ejaculation. For the rest of the course, he was referred to as "ejaculation man."