Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Darnit. Had to pry the eyelids open with a crowbar this morning.
Throat's all scratchy, too. I'm hoping that I don't have to play "Bureaucracy Under the Influence" again today. Garnering amusement by reaching through the haze and touching coworkers' noses is really disturbing. It also annoys me to have to ask for rides home because I know I'm in no condition to walk.

Am kind of bummed out, man, because it's Hell Week in Boston (August 31 is when most all of the leases end) and I've not been able to go out on Trash Night. You'd be amazed what people will throw away here. My apartment is furnished almost entirely with curbside castoffs (also known as 'ground score'). Since Pablo's sister Anna Maria has just moved here, she needs stuff. Wanted to find her some basics.
Maybe tomorrow. We'll see.

Since I'm going to be here for the weekend, I guess I could see if there's anything good at yard sales or the Salvation Army...but paying for what I can get for free just seems so...dirty, maybe?

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