Thursday, September 30, 2004

Speaking of Wild Women:

Big, Soviet Era Propaganda looking girl that I am, I found this post heartening:

I don't know why women think men want obedient women. What this guy wants is not submissiveness but resistance. A worthy sparring partner in the battle of life!

How many times have I been called mannish? Unladylike? Too many to name. I usesd to feel like I was in drag when I wear a dress. A fake. Gosh, I remember being told by an ex boyfriend that our relationship was the closest thing to a gay relatiionship that he could ever conceive of being in. Gosh darnit.

Self-acceptance is helpful. It is nice, though, when someone comes along who isn't intimidated or turned off by a girl who likes boy things, who isn't afraid to debate, who is taller than he is, who, gosh darnit, doesn't feel that Sex in the City is 'like, so totally' about her.

I wish the guy who posted this the best of luck in finding an equal (or maybe even a never know).

I wish this guy the best of luck in his quest.

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