Wednesday, September 22, 2004

What a lucky girl I am.

A rotten day at work faded away a bit on getting home. My emotional state and quality of life took a jump when I found Raphaella waiting for me with a plate covered in a big, blue linen napkin. "You're late again. This is too late to be having dinner, but go eat while the food's still warm."

Low carb whole wheat pasta covered with her homemade, from the garden sauce: tomatoes, a combination of hot and sweet peppers, bay leaf, basil, oregano...simmered all afternoon. This must have been put in the oven, as it was slightly dry and there was a fair bit of melted cheese over it.

I wanted to cry. Raphaella makes the best pasta sauce in the world. She's such a good cook. I have to learn some of these recipes direct from her.

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