Wednesday, September 29, 2004

I'm sure that under normal circumstances (meaning, I had a whole day to myself), I'd get the apple processing done in a day. The inability to stand for long periods of time, combined with a flurry of other things to get done and a double-sized harvest have protracted things a bit, though.

Monday night: picked through, cleaned and cut up the fruit. I do believe the malic acid may well have worn off my fingerprints!

Last night: made juice. I have quite a bit of that gorgeous, pectin-ey, sweet, pink stuff that is just aching gel. Also have a huge amount of fruit pulp left over. It's not so pretty, but has a great body to it. This year, I may well make apple butter instead of sauce. We'll see how we feel about it tonight.

Pablo came over with Boston Chicken and kept me company. He read from a book of Hawaiian myths he picked up on vacation. I've never heard any of these stories, so they are a treat to keep the mind occupied with. I've particularly enjoyed the stories of Kama Pua'a the Pig Child and Maui the trickster.

Also broke out and listened to the soundtrack to the film Genghis Blues. I'd forgotten how good the music was from this, and it's making me want to see the film again. Great story. Unfortunately, it came out at around the same time as Buena Vista Social Club, so did not get the exposure it deserved. It's a much better film, in my opinion (and the music is more interesting - not to say that the musicians in Buena Vista Social Club are slouches - no! Just personal preference.) I just think that Tuva isn't nearly as fashionable as Cuba, so not as much of a buzz over it. Guess it also helps to have a big studio budget, Ry Cooder as your tour guide, and Wim Wenders as your director.

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