Wednesday, September 01, 2004

More Apropos Taglines for Popular Cars

Jo started it, I'm running with it. If you've any suggestions, please drop a line.

Hummer: "when you absolutely have to look like an a$$hole."

Volvo/Saab: "What? Look at my Sierra Club bumper sticker. I'm a Democrat. How could I possibly be an a$$hole."

Audi: "Schneller, Dieter. I have tickets to see Kraftwerk in Duesseldorf tonight."

Prius: (i) "I don't need to belong to the Sierra Club. I own a Prius."
(ii) "I'm better than you."

Kompressor: "I just paid a boatload of money for something that looks like a Civic."

Scion: "My favorite movie's Princess Mononoke."

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