Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Had one heck of a weekend:

Got to see Pablo off on his first major vacation ever. He won a trip to Hawaii, that is, accomodations only, but had to come up with airfare, etc. It's okay - he can afford it. Anyhow, I'm in charge of the kitties (Antonio and Trouble) until he gets back. This will be interesting, as I had quite the action/adventure weekend. As a result, my mobility is seriously reduced. What fun, though!

Friday night was catch up with everyone I know. I'd been so out of contact these past couple months and am only now feeling up to the task of physically pressing the buttons on my old-school analog land line phone (from my dorm, for pete's sake!). Saturday - breakfast at Kelly's with Pablo, some wonderful scores at the Salvation Army with Hal (beautiful beautiful knee-length circle skirt made of peacock-colored silk. Based on the craftsmanship and the notions, I'd say it's probably from the 1950s-early 1960s. Will look wonderful with maybe a ballet or boatneck sweater. Also got a pretty silk blouse of varying shades of pink and a good, plain white blouse.), then out to dinner with Pablo to help him calm down.

Sunday - aaah, Sunday. Monadnock, yet again. As it seemed pretty crowded, we chose Cascade and Pumpelley again to cut down on riff-raff sightings. The descent was white cross - not a difficult path at all. I guess my head was in the clouds, or something, though, as I managed to trip and fall on my left knee. Made it back to the car, then up to Keene for what seemed more like pennance than dinner. Then home.

Yesterday - the knee was hurting so much that I ended up in the emergency room at Somerville Hospital to get it checked out. I tell you, if you have to go and punch a hole in yourself, get sick or break something - this is the hospital to end up in. I was processed through pretty quickly and the staff were nice as always. (Heck! Some even got one or two of my jokes!) Nothing broken, just probably some seriously stretched to torn ligaments in my knee. Hopefully a week in the damn brace will be all I need on that. If not, well, who knows.

Getting to work will be interesting - will take much longer than usual, I'm sure. Will I be riding the bus or gimping along? We'll see when we get out the door.
(The suspense is killing me.)

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