Friday, September 10, 2004

Hey Blog!

Happy Birthday!

I remember this time last year feeling pretty down and out over how we'd seemed to forget so quickly (or even had started denying the existence of) 9/11. My starting this journal then was a way of exorcising the demons of frustration and anger at the petty bickering that's taken the place of debate right now.

Today, we are still at war and we will be for a long time to come. Though I'm not sure how I feel about all the current administration's moves either domestically or internationally (yes, dissent in the form of raising intelligent questions and offering viable alternatives is patriotic. Lying, smearing, slinging mud and stifling debate are thuggish), I have a heck of a lot more confidence in them than in any of the opposition at this point. This little outpost has been a wonderful place for me to collect my thoughts as well as sort out what I've been seeing and hearing.

Hopefully my experience here will continue to be the 'kid in a candy store' one. I'm looking forward to continuing the writing exercise as well as meeting folks who don't mind helping out a girl who's not so knowledgable about things, but who wants to learn.

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