Sunday, September 19, 2004

Along with my calcium chews, glucosamine tablets and stylish new knee brace, I picked up a copy of Glamour magazine. It was probably the combination of the long line at the CVS, along with the tiredness and generally feeling of going to seed that allowed the insecure girl in me to think that the list format on the magazine cover would make me pretty and thin and happy or something. Ashley Judd on the cover(did you know that she's an Activist? Golly, I can consume her product without guilt knowing that She Stands For Causes.) wearing a pretty purple dress that I'd never have the body for (ever) may have played a role in convincing me as well.

Far from being ashamed for having wasted my $3.00 on this bit of gloss, I think that I am much happier for having picked it up. Now I have first hand knowledge of just how lame, shallow and silly it is, and when I warn folks off of it, I can do it with confidence. I wonder how long before it follows in the footsteps of Mademoiselle?

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