Thursday, September 09, 2004

Some things that caught my attention today in the news:

What Motivates the Angry Left? by Alan Bromley in today's Opinion Journal.

Instapundit has tons on what looks like yet another big media scandal - this time, Bush National Guard documents that are looking more and more like forgeries. For those of you into forensic typography (no, they did not have Microsoft Word back in 1973. Come on!), there's lots to chew on.

Oliver Kamm going to town yet again on Noam Chomsky's particular means of distorting history and context. Again, please take a look at more of what Kamm has to say this week. He is on a roll and all of it's excellent - from media bias to the old antisemitism vs antizionism trope to an article on current Tory leadership troubles.

Belmont Club has an amazing week as well. I think that this article on the moral vacuum of the Left and what it could be filled with. This one actually complements Bromley's article above, and a good amount of what I've seen on Mark Steyn's site this week.

Finally, please take a look at the latest article up on Independent Women's Forum regarding a 'feminist' state of emergency.

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