Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Clarification, please?

What sort of rhetorical device is the term wingnut?


Nick said...

Well, first of all its a term used by people who are uncivil and swear alot. Maybe you figured that out. It means, roughly, right-wing nut. Sometimes I would translate it as "right-wing nut liar fool murderer", maybe with some swearing tacked on. Its a leftist thing. Sometimes it is a post that just says "wingnuttery" and its a link to some unreasonable right-of-centre stuff. Other times its a link to reasonable right-of-centre stuff with no explanation why this is "wingnuttery", leading me to doubt my definition. Its used by Atrios.blogspot alot. He also says "fucktardery". He usually doesn't say much in the way of substance. Check out his comments sections. There's lots of weird words in there. Its a leftist tribal thing. Bonding.

Be said...

Thanks for the more formal definition. I know that I should go look at Atrios or Indymedia or Daily Kos more often (have seen it used in all those places), but to be honest, I can't really stomach most of the content of those sites. I'd figured that 'wingnut' was on synonymous with 'nazi' or 'fascist' or 'f*cktard.'