Sunday, September 12, 2004

This weekend's numbers:

13 - jars of marmalade I put up this weekend
2 - films during which I got to sit back and enjoy a taste other than English
(Goodbye Lenin! and Jet Lag)
2 - pretty new skeins of yarn I bought (both from the Classic Elite factory
store in Lowell, MA)
3 - other knitters I got caught up in 'knitting porn' with
10 - ripe tomatoes I picked off my plants tonight
11 - herbs included in the bouquet garni I picked today (parsley, dill,
chive, mint, basil, oregano, thyme, anise, tarragon, rosemary)
1 - scarf made
2 - more weeks I have to wear this blessed leg brace
12 - hours until I have to be at work

That's it for tonight. I'm wiped out.

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