Friday, September 10, 2004

He's probably best known for his brutally honest (straight speaking enough to be called racist and zionist, of course) reporting on the middle east. Take a look, though, when he writes on things pertinent to his livelihood.

Also, check out the folks at Powerline, who've been in the news a fair bit, and Hugh Hewitt's site. Apparently, he had expert witnesses on his radio show last night - and he had no problems revealing their names.

Plus, much more on Instapundit and a Bleat on the 'creative destruction' of Old Media.

Update: As a correspondent has pointed out, an alternative viewpoint on this issue can be found over at Daily Kos. (Charles Johnson's response can be found here.)

For more from Johnson on this subject, just keep scrolling. (I think that has a post giving credit where credit's due to Atrios.)

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Anonymous said...

for another perspective on the 60 minutes document controversy, read this:

Seems the claims of fraud may be fraudulent themselves.
At this point, with CBS/Dan Rather standing by the documents (firmly, I might add) and the above info, I'm buying in. I think they are legit.

-the narrow fellow