Thursday, September 09, 2004

Tiring few days trying to keep off the leg, manage the pain and be productive at work. I don't know that I'm managing all three particularly well, but am trying.

Frances is making her way through New England right now. The day has been awfully muggy, with rain in the morning. At the moment, there's a fresh breeze knocking things like empty garbage cans around. My windows are open, but not much is entering. Oh for a good cross breeze!

Tonight's iTunes presentation is musica clasica suramericana - Ginastera's Tres Danzas Argentinas is bringing back such memories in my fingers! Particularly the Graceful Girl Dance.

Started some lime marmalade tonight. It's a two day process, so I figured I'd better get a leg up on things now. Scrubbed, seeded and cut the ends off six small limes and four lemons. Cut all of this into small bits and measured how much I had. Added three times the volume of fruit in water, and set everything to soak overnight. Tomorrow morning, I'll cook this mixture down for about 20 minutes and allow it to soak again until I get home from work. Then I'll add the proper amount of sugar (3/4 cup per cup of fruit), cook this down and jar it.
Don't know how it'll turn out, but I do know that the current soak has filled the kitchen with a wonderful green smell. Yum.

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