Tuesday, August 31, 2004

I think that part of what has me a bit down and out today, too, is that I am really disappointed with Andrew Sullivan now and his stance on the Swift Boat veterans. He's calling their campaign against Kerry a 'smear,' and even called them Karl Rove operatives at one point.

Kerry did a dishonorable thing to these veterans back in 1971. He slandered them terribly, calling them 'war criminals, rapists, murderers, etc.' Who knows, he may even have been responsible for the torture and death of many because of these words. In essence, he sold his 'band of brothers' down the Mekong River. Should these people be taking this lying down? Their honor was besmirched back then - and now, to add insult to injury, this...this...I don't even know what to call him...opportunist? (think of something worse, Be) has the nerve to paint himself as a 'war hero,' when it's looking more and more like he did no more than GWB did during that time.

Sorry, but if Kerry didn't want to get burned by this, he and his campaign staff should have thought twice before bringing Vietnam up. Should have left it well enough alone, like how they tried to spin stuff for the last president, who, not only didn't serve, but attended anti American protests while studying abroad.

If I'd not known Kerry before hand, I'd have an awfully dim view of him from this and would seriously wonder what he would do with the country in order to leverage himself.
As it currently stands, it's just one more reason for me to not stand the guy.

It breaks my heart about Andrew Sullivan, because his site is the one that got me interested in this new medium. It seems, though, that he's been soured both by the work and by the introduction of constitutional amendment on marriage and its backing by Mr. Bush. This is valid, yes - but it seems to be coloring most all of what he's written lately, and, well, he's sounding more and more like folks around here and less and less like the Andrewsullivan enigma who caught my eye just after 9/11.

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