Monday, August 30, 2004

Don't know if it's a result of having had no running water and poor soap up in Maine, but my face is broken out worse than ever. I've had to resort to using one of those old school clay masks to try and calm my too sensitive and obviously very upset skin down.

This weekend was crazy busy. No Hal around; he was in NYC visiting with college buddies. I was busy independently of him. Yesterday, managed to get Pablo out and up to Freeport, ME to visit the LL Bean Mothership. Got him some boots, socks, a first aid kit, flashlight, a really really cool shirt that not only repels bugs and blocks out UV rays, but looks good. I really like that ex officio stuff. If it weren't so gosh darned expensive, I'd have much more of it than I do. My favorite dress is a nice orange plaid one that I got from EMS a few years back. I think it was discounted from about $50 to $5. You can't get me out of the thing in summers.

For myself, another pair of teva sandals (this pair even cheaper than the last. They're really trying to make room for the upcoming season's merchandise) and some of that great castile soap from Dr. Bronner. You know the stuff - it was a staple at co ops in the 70s. Comes in the plastic bottle with the blue and white label just *covered* in small print. Apparently it's some sort of Jesus/World Peace manifesto. Not sure about the particulars, as the print was making me go bug-eyed.

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