Friday, August 06, 2004

Preparations have been made. The cats are with Pablo.
The garden (oh the tomatoes!) is under the care of Raphaella and Lucas.
I have my clean laundry ready to be packed, my knitting projects chosen, my books in a pile on my bed. Work - well, work will keep. That's for sure.

As I've been so in a haze these past few weeks, it's nice to be excited about something. I'm so looking forward to devouring L'Enfant du Sable with the intent of rendering it into English. I'm also looking forward to finishing Moby Dick. Easy stuff this time around, but that's all I can really handle right now.

My knitting will be just as simple - a pretty rhythmic stripe pattern in nice spice colors for the mom and complementary sweaters for dad and baby. Maybe some sock work.

The best thing will be the quiet, though. I really need it right now.

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